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Wow, It's been a while since I've gone on newgrounds. I've noticed that newgrounds made major changes weeks ago but never really change my profile around it since now.
I'm about 18 (getting near 19 now) I'm starting to draw more but I don't really have a scanner or anything to upload to here or (deviant art which i have btw. look up "kaji350") and I'm probably going to be on here mostly for playing the occasional game with medals or watch flashes from my favorite artists n such. but If it ever comes ot be to be a flash artist, then you'll probably know :3 kaythanks4readin'

It's been a while huh? its spring and ups and downs and bird & bees all around by next Monday (tomorrow as I'm posting this) will pretty much be my last school day at my co-op and I'll have a year book after not having one for nine years, cuz I'm homeschooled. I gotta find a job, but the local borders near me closed. And I want something that's like a cafe or book store cuz I can't get to learn to drive a car cuz of stupid insurance and adult stuff I don't fully understand yet... Idk if I'll ever get into flash animation but If I ever do I'd have alot of people help on it and maybe suggest your help with it as well. meh... I guess thats all for now... Read as you please fans. also my real age is 17 as of now. but I'll be 18 by mid July. I just registered my personal stuff different =P

Seasonal update post

2010-12-21 14:47:00 by seeker349

Life getting a little more to better then my last depressing post... sorry if that was a downer but I was in a hell hole fore a while and I'm slowly rising from that... anyway I hope everyone has a good holiday season and a happy new year I've been working my ass off (somewhat) in school and beating games from any range to online to portable to console etc. I've been wanting a few wii stuff and a psp for the new kingdom hearts birth by sleep is killing me that I havent gotten to play it yet but i've kept my sanity from that... if anyone wants to share wii friend codes or w/e thats cool I just use my wii for youtube (its faster on they're for me) and some wii store bought games (like castlevania and the classic sh*t)

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this =3

okay its been a long time since I've made a new post but here we go! christmas was great I got a Wii and shit so im was content t hen i was beating alot of video games including ff3 and ffx and kingdom heart 358/2 and so on.. then life gets slowly dry and depressing and pretty much the same but i cant complain there.. it gets worse... I start getting itchy and I thought it was a rash... we search my bed and its infested with bed bugs!!! how the fuck did they get there?! I lose my bed... next day my cellphone display dies... now I'm fucked over in my sleep even more and I cant text anyone or call so now I'm miserable... few days later the dog bites me pretty badly... and I rot around the house with all this snow.. I'm feeling like I got a cold... and all this snow isn't damn well helping anything... I feel like I'm dying... the dog bite wounds heal up and my possible cold went away.. yay thats a start.. I moved into my sisters room and its freezing... better then nothing =o apparently one of my mom's co-workers gave me a cellphone to use but, that wont help shit, cause my dad said I didn't save my contacts into my sim card. so I'm royally fucked if they can't fix it. we give the phone back I go to a lock-in at the ymca with my friends and i forgot my sleeping bag so I pretty much hanged out the whole time... I slept through most of valentines day and got into alot of chocolate (why wouldn't I? it feels like a man period) few days later my bro looks for something and found out i took his stuff and he acts psychopathic just cause I did and I took one to the face! it didnt even hurt at all physically but the fact my own brother punched me other video game stuff I took without asking and respected highly then anything I owned like taking care of an animal and he tries to beat me up (or kill) me! Some fucked up lost soul he his... I learned my lesson not to steal from him anymore but he could at least shed some kind of care in his heart... guess I'll have to buy everything he has game wise my self... sept I don't have a job.. I had to wait forever till I got my own PS2 cuz he would never fucking share his unless he came home drunk or something... now my sister is home. I don't have a bed and I have an eye exam today... I hope things will sum up better.. I think i might get my phone fixed today (or try) the bed wont come till we're sure the bed bugs are fully gone... so... thats gonna suck... and we have to wait till the snow stops coming... I'm praying for my family, myself, my house, my life, the world, haiti, the winter olympians, the mudslide guys and anything else having trouble. I know this hasn't been the most positive post but just telling whats gone down. So next time I will give some more positive feedback =) ~ Kaji350 (or seeker349/350) lets just say Kaji from now own since I can't change the username.

WHAT?! awsum! new update X3!

2009-12-15 15:23:22 by seeker349

Okay I got my ff3 friend codes from a friend and I pretty much beat it sept for the job lvls and the optional boss... but iIbeat the story line so.. w/e old business...

Moving on, I have kingdom hearts 358/2 and Re:com (also has the original com and kh2... yes its sad that that I don't have kingdom hearts but I beat that)

speaking of square enix I'm working on ff1, 2, 3, 7 10 and 10-2 all WIP... but aside from the ps2 im working my ass off cause I believe I'm getting a wii for christmas and wll most likely playing castlevania judement and ssbb and so on

away from that and back to reality, I'm working on some new art sketches I may post up on newgrounds hope you guys will like them when I do :3 so thanks ~ Kaji350

i have final fantasy 3 on DS and i wanna get the little extra stuff like everyone who has the game so im looking for people who have it please post your friend code also you can post friend codes for other games

my FF3 code is: 403812571785

please help me and others


2009-05-21 16:17:30 by seeker349

If anyone needs help with medals, I'm making a blog for it (even though people already have)
put your medal walkthroughs, hints, w/e helps, just help you, and help others (including me I'm stuck to..)

plus do the medal points work for your lvl or what? cuz it doesn't seem to move when ever I vote 5 times...

ummm things

2009-04-28 14:27:30 by seeker349

talk about things like cheats or flashes / movies / audios etc. that you like